Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hourly Comic, 11/9/10

There is this meme among comics that is the hourly comic. It is a spawn of the 24-hour comic day (a challenge invented by Scott McCloud for Steve Bissette)

So the idea is, every hour you make a comic about something that happened that hour. Every hour you're awake anyhow. I decided it might be a fun challenge.


When I have time for making comics, nothing interesting is happening & vice versa.

It's a lot of pressure to choose what deserves to be included. Maybe something more interesting will happen in the last 10 minutes. I never inked until after.

Are there ethical responsibilities within comics? For some reason, I felt like I had to use realism in place of metaphor / symbolism.

I also became a little too cognizant of how I was representing my life. I could make myself seem very social or very anti-social just depending on the parts of my hour I chose to represent. I left out the part where I went to Kinko's and was a jerk about the weight of the paper and the light splotches in my field of black. I left out the part where I went to the record store to drop off a couple comics and ended up buying three dollar records. In other media I don't think that it is necessary to show the whole truth, but for some reason, it became a concern here.


  1. COOL!

    OK, two comments:
    1) Your arm changes proportion (must not include 'a') when you eat pizza :P (I'm trying to be funny, not judgy. I can't draw a polar bear in a snow storm with his eyes closed and his nose covered!)
    2)As you made clear in your experiment of telling the "speeding/cop" story, no one can tell a story the same way in different mediums. But it may be that it's because it's not just one interaction, not just one anecdote from the day but it’s a whole day condensed that it feels more like it's putting your life on display? And that you need to justify it? *shrug*
    Also, well done!
    The fact that your artwork is on par with other artists, for the hourly comic meme, is something of while I would be proud. Even if that compliment is phrased badly, which it is, please take it in the spirit intended :)

  2. 1. I am supposed to be studying.
    2. I freaking love Daria and am hoping to buy the box set soon-ish.
    3. I bought 4 seasons of 30 Rock in a box set today (that's irrelevant I know).
    4. Lucy Kingsley writes about her cat whenever she feels boring. perhaps chicken padding? Oh how is your cat?
    5. More irrelevance, I'm listening to the best of The Pretenders and am rather enjoying it.
    6. I think I would like to do hourlies one day but have no idea where I'd post it.

  3. Yay! I can comment now! Thanks! And I think this turned out very nice. I always struggle with what to include and exclude as well, but imagine that on a micro level like an hourly it would become rather daunting.

  4. I really love this.
    I love the perspective from above in the 7:19 a.m. panel (very creative), the Twitter at-replies all from the same person, the grilled roll instead of the bagel (I didn't say anything), and all the rest of it. I love most of all that you stuck it out and did this. Can't wait for next time.
    Soooo... trying to find two Nickelback songs at once? Yipe. Why were you even looking for ONE?
    And no Igby in any of this? I'm thinking one day when you stay home, you should do an hourly comic ONLY of Igby as a way of making up for this oversight. Igby's fangirls demand it! Or ... you know ... ask real nicely. Whatever works.