Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Centralia PA is on fire and there was some foreshadowing, as joked about by thejealousone and ericseverynewday and made into comic by chateauofadoubt

I hereby reserve the right to take anything funny you say to me or around me and make it into a comic. Additionally, I reserve the right NOT to.


  1. I've been to Centralia! It's super creepy when you're there and think 'Holy crap there is a fire burning under where I'm standing right now."

  2. I love the whole style of this! That it's a one-frame comic, but actually it's multi-frame.

    I love the mixed media; the comic and the photograph work wonderfully together. I like that the photograph sets the backdrop to it, and really, I hadn't taken too much thought into it before reading the actual comic. The framing of the "Coal County" frame (haha) is just beautiful. I like that it's off-setting, and I like that it's different.

    I'm sure it's hard to do this style with every comic you do, but I love how you stylized this one. I never gave too much thought about a photograph sitting as the backdrop to a comic; but I don't think about art all the time, and hey, you're the one with the master's degree.

    Also, I went to a comic convention at school today, and I thought of you the whole time! I wish it had more local artists and graphic novels; it was mainly Marvel- and DC-oriented.

    tl;dr: I love your new comic, Emily! Thank you for emphasizing that even someone wanting to improve on her comic ability can still produce artful and entertaining comics.